Tiki Monkeys can be found in the mountains of Oahu; Mount Kaʻala. Well, maybe not. But these Tiki Monkeys will be just as rare.
This NFT collection consists of 10,000 Tiki Monkeys and make a great addition to your digital art collection.
20% of proceeds and 3% of secondary sales go to the conservation of monkeys. Save The Planet, Adopt A Tiki Monkey.

What is a
Tiki Monkey?

Tiki Monkeys is a drop of custom illustrative monkeys wearing Hawaiian Shirts and Tiki Masks, aiming to express culture, personality and individuality. These monkeys enjoy to monkey around and are a great addition to your collection of NFTs.

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This roadmap outlines our goals and the rollout timeline for Tiki Monkeys.

1. Conservation Begins - 2/22/22

Join our Discord to get on the waiting list, giveaways and participate in Monkey Trivia.

2. Presale - 3/22/22

Let the minting begin. The Presale of a Tiki Monkey NFT will begin and 50% of the 300 NFT proceeds will go to a non-profit organization to help with the conservation of monkeys.

3. Public Sale - 4/22/22

Open to the Public! Mint a Tiki Monkey NFT and 20% of the minting proceeds and 3% of secondary sales will go to a non-profit organization to help with the survival of monkeys.

4. Merchandise Drop

Products may include Hawaiian shirts, dresses, Hula skirts, Hula Halau dresses, Pa-u Hula dresses, Aloha shirts, Hawaii T-shirts, floral shorts, caps and beenies, ties, sleeveless women’s shirts, nursing scrubs with flower prints, beachwear, bikinis, swimwear, ethnic Hawaiian gifts, sarongs, pareos, cover-ups, Hawaiian sandals, flip-flops, hair flowers, flower leis, flower bags, fashion accessories, and other apparel for men, women and children. Can you tell we love Hawaii?

5. Future Drops

There will be future drops of Tiki Masks and Hawaiian Shirts on other animals that are on the brink of extinction. This is just the beginning.


Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 50+ unique traits across different categories. The rarity table listed below are based on the levels of extinction. Let's make sure the monkeys do not become extinct!

Capuchin Monkeys
Squirrel Monkeys
Spider Monkeys


20% of minting profits and 3% of secondary sales will be donated to non-profit organizations supporting the welfare and conservation of monkeys.

For more information, please join our private Discord.

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